y u hangin on tumblr bish


Sofie you fucking stalker -.-

I wouldn’t call it stalking, I would call it intense research on an individual U BISH



in class i’m used to sitting in the back and making all these smartass comments under my breath

now i’m in the front though so when our attractive instructor drops something and says ‘ah, fuck me!’ and i say ‘maybe later’ he hEARS ME AND LAUGHS GODFUCKING FUCK

the saga continues today in physics when our instructor asks ‘and how fast does light travel?’ and i whisper ‘hella’ and the kid next to me fucking loses it

re-reading your own writing


the uterus contracts its blood supply to kill off the inner most layer of the uterus and people survive a week of that.

if you cut off the supply to a ball sack by twisting the nuts around you kill the person

who’s got weak junk now. 


I wish

We’re just a couple of innocent faces hiding behind sinful intentions.

Im simply too nice sometimes.
Me: Log onto skype you rotten pineapple!
Sofie: OKAY